Thursday, August 27, 2015

Man Using Hearing Aids for Over Four Years Healed!

This is Brother Bt Khoo on the left of the photo. Pastor Albert Kang met him in Baguio, when he and his Singaporean mission team visited Asia Pacific Theological Seminary. At that time, Pastor Albert was the guest of the president of the seminary. Brother Khoo had a partially deaf ear and he had to use hearing aid for over four years.

Pastor Albert had his mission team leader, Brother Ben, to put the finger into his deaf ear and commanded after him. The Lord confirmed His promise by opening the deaf ear. Today, Brother Khoo has no need to use hearing aid anymore. He has been completely healed!
Since then, Brother Khoo has been ministering to the infirm with the same authority and power that the Lord has given to the whole Church. (Luke 9 and 10). He led a mission team to a third-world country in August 2014 to minister healing and preach the Good News to the people there. You can do the same – God can use you to touch others with His miracles and the Gospel message.

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