Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Healing Miracles at AGSOM, Bulacan Campus

Septembe 21 2010
Healing Miracles at AGSOM, Bulacan Campus

On September 19, my wife Grace was grounded by the airline in Manila because she had contracted conjunctivitis. She was not allowed to board the plane for fear of infecting other passengers. Grace’s father, Bro Ong had to travel alone back to Malaysia while I accompanied my wife in Manila until her eyes clear up.

The strangest thing was that no matter how I rebuked, her sore eyes refused to clear up. This was a little beyond me because we had, through the authority and power given by Jesus Christ, healed some with conjunctivitis while at Mindanao. Pastor Rick Alay was also one of those who were healed of conjunctivitis after we laid hands on his eyes when we were in transit via Manila to Cebu on September 10. Grace and I felt that there must be certain unfinished tasks that God wanted us to do in Manila.

Just as we expected, God did tremendous healing miracles at the Assemblies of God School of Ministry (AGSOM). Pastor Rick who is the President of AGSOM had invited us to minister at his Bulacan Campus. Pastora Flordeliza R. Samson who came along with us was limping because the articular cartilage that helped lubricate and cushion the surfaces of her knee joints was damaged. The reduced lubrication and cushioning had caused pain in her knees. When we reached the campus which was actually a church, Grace and I laid hands on her knees and commanded the pain to go. After a few times, Pastora Flordeliza said that the pain had left her knees and she began to walk. Later she testified before the student body about what God had done for her.

After sharing from the Word of God about the difference between the authority to heal and gift of healing, I encouraged the students who needed healing to come forth. There was a slight hesitation because they did not expect an instantaneous demonstration of God’s power to heal. With some encouragements, almost twenty students came forth to be healed. 

They were expected to be prayed for but instead I asked them to heal each other by commanding the pain and infirmities to go in the name of Jesus. After the first command, there were five students who were instantly healed. One female student was healed of shoulder pain. Another shared about the leg being healed. Yet another, the headache had left immediately even though in the morning, she had felt so terrible. More commands by faith and more students were healed. After all the students were healed by the power and authority of the Lord, they were like still in a daze. 

Many shook our hands and apparently still in the twilight zone, they said that they had never experienced anything like that before. They could not believe that they had actually healed the infirm by their own faith. Many felt that from then they should be able to heal the sick every time they evangelize.

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