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Healing Miracles at AGSOM, Cainta Campus

September 22, 2010 
Healing Miracles at AGSOM, Cainta Campus

Our final day of ministry was at the main campus of AGSOM at Cainta. Apart from Filipino students, there were four students from China. In a simple session, I shared about how ordinary faceless and nameless believers have been given the authority and power to heal in the context of evangelism. 

Once again, God confirmed His words through signs and wonders. About ten students and faculty members sat on the ‘healing chairs’ to receive healing. The rest of the student body and faculty were briefly taught how they could lay hands upon the infirm and heal them with the authority and power of Jesus. 

One by one, the infirm were healed by the evidenced power of God. Pastora Mercy Esguerra Peregrina, the Academic Dean of the AGSOM, received healing for her left knee. A sister with ailment in her eye was also healed. Once again, there were quite a few who were instantly healed of back pain.
This Chinese student was healed in the name of Jesus
One of the Chinese students was greatly disappointed because after most people were healed, her back pain persisted. From the scale of 0 to 10, her pain had remained at 10. When Grace laid hand on her, the pain dropped to the level of 9 and then later 7. However, to activate mountain-moving faith, we needed to be persistent. With another moment of laying of hands and rebuking, the pain left the Chinese student completely. 

Praise the Lord. We trust that the Filipino and Chinese students will continue to use their God-given authority and power to heal the infirm whenever they share the Gospel.

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